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11/29/2015 4:02:13 PM

Guardian Report 1006

Guardian Report Number- 1006 Name- Chalver- Warlock Witnes- Speaker, Lord Shaxx, The Vanguard, Alan Console(Hunter), etc It was on this day that The Future War Cult has left the tower and ceased being our allies in this never ending war. This was the result of the brief skirmish between Lord Stryker and Captain Argius of the FWC. Argius lost his life during the battle. Argius handled most of the war operations for the FWC, granting him high power. When he drew his weapon on fellow Guardian Gahhan Bonterri(Warlock), Stryker attempted to disarm him, killing him the process. On his body, we found a chip that had important intel on it, intel that could prove vital in understanding the FWC. The contents if the chip had descriptions of super weapons, vehicles weapons and even squad commanders. If I did not know better, I would say that the Future War Cult were building an army, and are possibly finished in its creation.
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