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Why do men treat women gamers bad? I legit want true honesty here (open up)

Hey there, I'm a gamer from Texas. I have a legit question I really want to know. After encountering so many rude remarks flirting, or even observing fellow female gamers yelled at/cat called...I really wanna know why a lot if you Lads don't like women? There would be times nothing would happen and yelling name calling and harassment would arise. Almost all of the times the lady gamer werent doing anything and the male would pick at her. Either being sexual or really aggressive. I noticed male gamers would get super mad when she would try to defend herself as if she had no right to defend herself. Then there are the few sweet guys that are super quiet guys. Only 1% percent out of 99 percent. Just tell me a simple sentence of what your attitude towards women is, in the gaming community. Is it Jealousy? Nervousness? No contact with women? Or you just don't like women gaming? Thanks.[spoiler]im watching he honest ok....[/spoiler]

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