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11/25/2015 12:07:22 AM

refer a friend sucks

do you think that this was a good idea?


do you not care?


do you think that refer a friend is horrible?


Now I'm sure that everyone knows this already. In case anyone hasn't heard why though, it's because of how late bungie released it. If I still hadn't referred one of my 4 friends, then great! I get a cool sparrow, 2 cool emotes, and a sword! But considering how many people I've already referred to destiny before this system, I think that I (as with everyone else who relates) deserve a reward. Bungie, stop rewarding new players more than us day 1 players. I get that they want new players, but this is inexcusable. And I don't know why, but not being able to get this loot no matter what bothers me. Maybe it's the fact that I've spent over 100 dollars on this game and supported it from the start, while the new players that you're inviting to destiny (which would be amazing) have the chance to get exclusive emotes and weapons! honestly, Destiny is just gonna go downhill from here if bungie doesn't change their flawed systems

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