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9/10/2015 2:21:17 AM

I know it's waaaay early, but...Halloween?

Anyone else majorly looking forward to it? It's my favorite holiday of all, and today my girlfriend and I stopped in a Halloween shop that happened to be by the Japanese place we went for dinner. I bought myself two shirts and stocked up on two of those writing pens that look like syringes. We also picked out our costumes and got wristbands for donating to a charity the store was running to bring the spirit of the holiday to hospitalized children. So how do you feel about Halloween? And if you enjoy it as I do, what's your favorite thing about it? Needless to say, I enjoy the decorations and traditions of the holiday, but the main thing I love about it is the energy I feel in the air, the superstitious origins of it, and the time of year it falls in.

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