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11/17/2015 11:14:46 PM

Listen up Lads!

This is a video by the one and only Cobra Crimson, whom most of you may not know as he has been a on break from Playstation for a while now. Back in the old days, he and I use to shred everyone in the doubles skirmish playlist, and had a good ol' time goofing off. I hope we will resume our destruction and taking names soon. He is a great animator and wins tons of prizes through school and other events. I am very priveliged to say that he is part of our group and look forward to introducing him to the rest of you. Please check his YouTube, I am sure we will see his name pop up on movie screens around the world in no time. Looking forward to carrying you through King's Fall :) (Sorry, i'm not that good at speeches but I tried) ~Rune

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