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Septagon Weekly Update - 30/10/2015: This is Halloween

It's been a bit of a spooky week in the Tower and here on As I'm sure you're all aware, the festive season of Halloween is upon us. It's the one time of the year where cosplayers rule the trick or treating scene. If you're not interested in Halloween, that's okay, too. The community has been busy as always, so we've got some other goodies to share with you. Before going on with that though, I'd love to see your costumes! If you have a picture or feel like taking one, send it our way by either sharing in the comment section of this thread or in[url=] the Flood's Halloween thread as linked here[/url]. I'll be sure to upload my own on Saturday, so stay tuned to that, too! The Doctor is in. [u][b]History of the Architects...And Their Fish[/b][/u] Once again, your historian, [url=]Rollin[/url], has a good section for you to read up on. Our aquatic friend is the subject this week. [u]Stoffish never dies, it just goes swimming in action.[/u] [quote]Happy Friday! I don’t know about all of you, but after gruelling through two midterms I’m excited for the weekend. This week we’re going to take a look at “the only water stuff item!” Purchased by Matt Soell at the “American Science & Surplus Store” in Chicago, Soffish is one of the Community’s greatest treasures, which, unfortunately, during the transition to Washington, the Soffish was lost. Unlike Bungie’s favourite foodstuff item, Tijuana Mamas, Soffish is explicitly not intended for human consumption, and for that matter, “this Soffish do not eat.” [b]Instruction:[/b] Put Soffish in water and watch it grow. Soffish can easily absorb water. Put Soffish in fish-globe or bottle as indoor decoration. As bath-toy is also very fun. [b]Attention:[/b] This Soffish do not eat. Not recommended for age under 3. Put Soffish in a half-filled bottle, the water will be absorbed soon. [b]Safety:[/b] Real fishes might hurt human body. Soffish is 100% harmless. Put Soffish beside real fish as indoor decoration is also fun. [b]Attention:[/b] Transparent resin might come out of the Soffish. If so, clean it with water. Do not keep Soffish in water too long. ([url=]Click Me![/url]) Happy Halloween, all, and please, PM Duardo*. *[i]Caution is advised when staring into the jowls of a moderator.[/i][/quote] If you don't have a Soffish, you better have the head of a dog, but more on that next week. [i][u][b]Charles-le-magnuh, what's going on in the community this week?[/b][/u][/i] Well, I'm glad you asked, disembodied voice (or soul). It's been another good week. You know, [i]it's close to midnight. Something evil's lurking in the dark. Buh du-du-du-du da.[/i] With the Festival of the Lost, we remember our fallen comrades and friends. How they gave their lives to save us. How they died defending us from the Darkness. How Seriously? [i]Anyone?[/i] Ugh...fine. [url=][i][b]'CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT![/b][/i][/url] Yes, as you're all away, the community has been creating absolutely marvellous (if not thrilling) video montages of their dancing to the late Michael Jackson's hit song, Thriller. I'll be honest, they're all pretty great, but [url=]this one in particular sets the bar very high.[/url] It's very in sync and I didn't dance along no matter what any of you say. Of course, [url=]the Festival came with a bit of trolling from Bungie and Eris Morn[/url], but it's all in good fun...except that Eris doesn't get what fun is. Well, not that I've gotten that out of my system, let's carry on. We all think it. We all know it. We're gamers, it's part of our sociology. [url=]Yes, I'm talking about mic etiquette, or, the lack thereof. One of our own compiled a strikingly accurate list of mic users that I think we can all relate to. Any other Impressionists out there?[/url] If you're not into mics, perhaps you're more curious as to [url=]the origins of the all-powerful Sunbreaker Titans. Well, we've got something for you there, too, and I assure you, it's in no way not the truth...seriously.[/url] On another note, [u]community gamenights[/u] are still happening, so get involved! [url=]Prometheus' community charity event went over very well[/url], making more money than anticipated! It's great to see how many of your got involved and even donated on your own. I'm proud of all of you. [url=]Makeshyft is also hosting another Community Carnage event[/url], so if you want to shoot some Guardians in the Crucible with other community members, check it out. Here's Mechetti's breakdown of other upcoming events: [quote][b][u]Game Nights![/u][/b] [url=]FCAW - Marathon Infinity - Friday, 10/30[/url] [url=]FCAW[/url][url=] - Mystery Game Night - Tuesday, 11/3[/url] FCAW prepares to bring us the fourth Marathon Infinity Game Night of the month today, along with another mystery Game Night on Tuesday. [url=]Community Carnage[/url][url=] - Destiny Crucible - 9PM ET - Friday, 10/30[/url] [url=]Community Carnage[/url][url=] - Halloween Halo 5 - 3PM ET - Saturday, 10/31[/url] Tonight is one of the weekly Crucible Carnages! The Community Carnage has invited #Community to play some games of Rift this time around. They also have a Halo 5 Game Night happening earlier in the day on Saturday.[/quote] Of course, we also have [url=]the final round of Art and Stuff's art contents for [b]Inktober[/b][/url]. If you want a chance to win a Blacksmith shader or want to try your hand at art, I highly encourage you to do so and enter! Ending this section with a more somber note, [url=]let's all give our support to a fellow community member who is standing by his son while he fights cancer and goes through chemotherapy[/url]. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hang in there and be brave. [u][b]Out Here in the Wild[/b][/u] This week, I decided not to focus on too many external threads and creations outside of since I wanted to bring a specific one to light. Many older members will remember fans getting married with Halo-themed weddings or setting up a proposal in their favourite Halo title. I think that's amazing. Our community not only brings people together to shoot enemies and save civilisations, but it also helps develop more personal bonds between Spartans or Guardians. This week, [url=]a redditor found out something special from his wife. I think that's a very clever way to let someone know about their new Little Light.[/url] However, I couldn't resist sharing[url=] what this redditor found[/url]. [url=]We're in the Simpsons! Sort of.[/url] [u][b]Happy Halloween![/b][/u] This brings the end of yet another weekly update for the Septagon. I'd like to know, would you be interested in interviews with different community members? How about community-based events outside of Destiny or other video games? Maybe even a mail sack? Well, that'll all come back in the coming weeks. Be sure to be safe when trick-or-treating or partying or playing a game in your dark basement because you don't like candy (I'm looking at you, Eris). [u][b]Questions of the Week:[/b][/u] [b]Newbies[/b]: Which enemy group is your favourite? Fallen, Hive, Vex, or Cabal? [b]Ancients[/b]: Soffish or Ling-Ling? [url=][b]Video of the Week[/b][/url]

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