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Bearbeitet von Lightningsoul: 12/17/2015 8:50:34 AM

Incoming Sunbreaker and Hammer of Sol Nerf

Yeah, this guy is right.


Nope, he is wrong. Sunbreaker is by far the best!


I am not sure what is OP.


Hello fellow Guardians, hello Bungie, in the latest weekly update ( I have read this: [quote]We’re looking at all the numbers. The guns you used. The ways you fought. The hammers you threw, or caught with your face. In the weeks to come, we’ll share a lot of details for how we’ll be refining various weapons and classes in an upcoming December update. [/quote] So people like Ms 5ooo Watts and myself were thinking: Hammer of Sol is soon going to be nerfed. If that's the case let me just tell you this: I am a PvP player with over 2,000 games in the Crucible ( My first char was a Titan and after noticing the Hunter and Warlock subclasses owning in PvP I created a Warlock and a Hunter in December, 2014. My best games have been on a Void Walker (teleport + shotgun - yeah I am not proud of that) and a Blade Dancer (teleport + shotgun - not proud of it either). And now, after The Taken King the Titan finally gets one good ability (ok, lightning grenades on the Striker were pretty good with Armamentarium): The Hammer of Sol. And now after Hunters and Warlocks bitching around about it being OP you will nerf it? Seriously? The Super will never win you a game. 90% of the game is being won by weapons and the classes abilities (blink, shade-step, warlock melee over 30 feet, overshield after a melee hit, double grenades, ...) and you decide it's a good idea to nerf the Sunbreaker? The Sunbreaker isn't even the best class in PvP as of now. Its Hammer of Sol is pretty strong, yeah. But you can counter it with almost any Super (Nova bomb?! Fist of Havoc? Maybe two rounds from Golden Gun? Storm Trance with Landfall? ...), kill it with a body shot from Sleeper, kill it with Invective or 4th Horse Men, snipe it and then oneshot it with a primary or throw a grenade. So if you wanna nerf the Sunbreaker, please do! Just take the entire Super out of that class (I don't need it anyways) and give the Sunbreaker blink + throwing knives + tripmine grenade and put in an Armamentarium year 2 version. We will see about what is OP then, won't we my fellow Hunters? :) Thank you for reading and have a good one.

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