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Bearbeitet von Omnitron310: 11/10/2015 3:24:48 PM

When the hell is Quiver coming back?

Does it really take this long to fix such a blatant bug? What are they doing, rewriting their entire code from the ground up (if so, that means their code was awfully written in the first place)? There's no way it should be this difficult to fix such an obvious exploit. 'Temporarily' removed should mean, like, a week. At most. Instead, it looks like Nighstalkers will be without this particular perk for a month or more, since there is still no word on when it is being fixed. It's pretty frustrating that all Hunters are punished just because some people decided to abuse a glitch. I did not use it once, and yet now I no longer have access to the most useful PvP perk for Nightstalker. How is that fair? I get that removing it was the best immediate solution, but Bungie have had more than enough time to patch it by now, even if it's just a hotfix that addresses this one particular issue and not the underlying problem.

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