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Septagon Weekly Update - 06/11/2015: I Swear I Read It Somewhere

This week in the community, we're bringing sexy back. I'm just joking, I never left. However, we are doing something a little different this week for the first time. You see, the Bungie community, known as the Septagon or Seventh Column, has always been large and spread out. We've seen a great home develop for it on, but there have also be fan sites and sub-communities that have been fostered elsewhere, such as the well known (HBO). With the announcement of Destiny, new communities took root on this little place we call the internet. In fact, our latest community manager, Cozmo, came directly from one of these said communities. Of course, I'm talking about reddit. In fact, many of you may be reading this SWU directly from [url=]/r/DestinyTheGame[/url]. To all of you, I say, "Hello." It's great to have you. [url=]Here's the reddit version of the thread![/url] I'm sure many of you use or the Companion app for your Destiny content and managing, but reddit's Destiny community has developed to a self-sustaining point, in good thanks to the moderation team they have in place. It is due in part to them, as a joint effort between and reddit, that this is happening. The philosophy behind this move is that the Bungie community is not just about Destiny, but Destiny is also a major part of it. We wanted to bring two of the main subcommunities, those being the community and the reddit community, together. We want to teach you, and any new members to the Septagon, our ways. We want you to participate in community game nights or contests or whatever else we all come up with. If you want to know a bit about what the Septagon is or what it is this update is for, [url=]check out my first update as linked here[/url]. In short, this is the community's version of the BWU. I'll be recapping some of the different community events of the week as well as any interesting posts or videos made by the community. First, though, a little on who I am. Most of the readers are familiar with my avatar, but redditors might not be familiar with my name. I'm Charlemagne, a Bungie Community Mentor. I'm a type of moderator on who is here to help you with an assortment of things, from welcoming new members to guiding people to the right place and, especially, helping with things like networking and game troubleshooting. You can find the other Mentors in[url=] the Help section of the website[/url], but the main point of this is that I am a volunteer. I do not work for Bungie. I'm a fan, just like all of you. Now, onto the other stuff; the community stuff. [u][b]History of the Ancients[/b][/u] First up, just as the weeks before, is [url=]Rollin [/url]with his Bungie history lesson for all of you. As hinted in last week's update, the subject of interest is our pet dog, Ling-Ling, or what's left, that is. Take it away, Rollin. [quote]Hello, Septagon! Are you excited? You should be, because it’s Friday, and that means it’s time to get taught! This week? Step 5! What is Step 5? Good question! [u][b]Step 5:[/b] Reclaim Ling Ling’s head.[/u] Taken straight from the horse’s mouth, specifically,’s: "Dog's head in a jar" has mythical significance. But it's too nasty to think about. Especially if you think about opening the jar, and drinking the head-water down in one mighty draft. DANGER! Do not juxtapose Tijuana Mama with Ling-Ling! When the jar containing Ling-Ling finally breaks, as it must, Bungie will make a sequel to Gnop!" [quote]Editor's note: Confirmed: Gnop@ in development with Gnop# to follow.[/quote] Rumour has it that Ling-Ling used to belong to a married couple, but now its head resides in Bungie’s fridge. Ling-Ling went missing once, but fortunately was recovered. If you look closely, you can find Ling-Ling in Halo 2, 3, and Reach. Now, I know what you’re all thinking. “5 is the fifth number in a sequence starting with one, so are there other steps?” Why yes, my good chump, there are, and as of October 1st, 2007, six of seven have been completed. [b]Step 1:[/b] Start independent gaming software company. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 2:[/b] Dominate Mac platform: Launch assault on Windows platform. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 3:[/b] Announce killer gaming title. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 4:[/b] Acquire strangely addictive Chinese food company. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 5:[/b] Recover Ling Ling’s head. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 6:[/b] Stage a bloody coup of new parent company. *COMPLETED* [b]Step 7:[/b] Take over World. Shoot enemies into sun with giant slingshot. *IN PROGRESS* Why are there seven steps? Well, because Seven is Darker, my friend. Until next week![/quote] That last one may take a little while. I mean, we're still a few years from getting humans on Mars, let alone greeting the Traveler and the Golden Age. [u][b]What's Going On in the Community?[/b][/u] I'm glad I asked. This would be a lot shorter, otherwise. Like always, you've all been very busy across all sorts of mediums, be it text posts, artistic creations, videos, or more, including events and announcements. First off, let's start with some art. [url=]Progo[/url] and [url=]Art and Stuff[/url] are hosting another art contest! However, this one isn't Destiny-related. If you wanted one of those, stay tuned to future weeks. This one is all about...[i]god damn it, Milo[/i]. This [i]would[/i] be the one we introduce Reddit to. [url=]The theme of this art contest, and I'm so sorry to say this, is...memes[/url]. Take a meme and get creative with it. For more details, including the rules and prizes, check out the thread. While it's not a contest, that wasn't the only art-themed topic of interest this week. I wanted to give a special shoutout to Enigmatic Entity and the community who [url=]stylised their avatars in creative new ways[/url]. A lot of these were really well done, so good job, everyone. Next up we have a truly impressive creation and update done by [url=]Ingulit[/url]. You might have seen this on reddit already, but [url=]Inguilt has created and updated an incredible Android application that's tied to Bungie's API for Destiny, known as The Tower+ for Destiny v4.5[/url]. I highly suggest you check out his thread for details and pictures, even if you are on iOS or not interested in a third-party app. He put a ton of work into it and it's being well praised for it's capabilities. [b]Game Nights[/b] If you've been a part of the community for a decent length of time, you know about our game nights. We play Destiny, Halo, Marathon, Myth, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and so many other games. This week, we're going even further with that, as we have before, into the realm of role playing board games. [url=]Intrepid Turtle, on behalf of The Friends List, is hosting a Dungeons and Dragons game night[/url]. Interested in playing? Long time dungeon crawler? Newbie who is curious? Give his thread a look to learn the details. Don't worry, he'll walk you through it. [url=]Also through The Friends List is addiecorps' Halo 5: Guardians game night[/url]. The first lobby has already been filled, so sign up fast if there's still room. It happens the day this goes up. I'm sure they can make another lobby if there are enough people. [url=]For Carnage Apply Within[/url] is hosting another one of their [url=]weekly community game nights in Myth this time around[/url]. If you've never played Bungie's old RTS and are interested in trying it out, join up and give it a go. They'll teach you the ropes and how to handle your sword. Now, familiar readers or veterans of might be wondering where the [url=]Community Carnage [/url]is in all of this. If you aren't familiar with CC, it's the hub of game nights run by the community on, just like how the [url=]Seventh Conflux[/url] is the hub for all events here. Well, we're taking a bit of a breather. [url=]Check out Index's thread on the matter for full details[/url], but in short, Weekly Crucible game nights worked really well, but they were also pretty taxing on the CC Hosts. With upcoming titles like Star Wars Battlefront on the horizon and Halo still hot off the press, Destiny game nights are being reduced to one Raid and one Crucible game night each month so that there is room for other titles (as well as time for some of you to explore the wastelands outside of your other Vault). Still, don't let that discourage you from hosting a game night yourself. It can be a ton of fun to play with different people in the community. [url=][b]Continued below[/b][/url]

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