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11/1/2015 4:36:09 AM

Trails of Osiris cheese?

I recently stumbled upon what I would sort of call a cheese in the new matchmaking system for trails. In the update it was said that we'd be matched up with other teams with the same amount of wins to make it challenging. Okay What I found out is that I had 6 wins on my card, my brother had 0 and one guy we picked up had 5. Whenever we got matched up they were all easy wins. not being cocky or saying that the other team was bad we were just getting put up with people who seemed to have started their card. I managed to complete my card (3 wins) finish helping the guy we picked up (4 wins after mine) and then also finished my brothers (2 wins after the other guy) so where I'm getting at is this. I had a blank card while the guy needed 4 and my brother needed 6. the guy got 4 and got a new card now it was 4, 0, 7 seems like there's a way to cheat the matchmaking system by the 3 people in the group having different wins on that card. just a speculation btw not sure if this is true

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