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10/30/2015 9:33:11 PM

My Destiny thoughts

I have formed my own opinion on why there is so much grind in this game. The reason is the lack of content. When you do not have a lot of content, you need to make what is there last over a long period until you can release more content. The only way to pace the game over that period is to make you grind. I have designed levels in Left4dead2 and know how to make hordes start and stop and control the AI. I also was admin on designed Call of Duty 4 servers and Counter strike servers. So we knew how to draw people in. The following are only Ideas and suggestions based on past gaming experiences. I would love to see what everyone else has to offer for suggestions as well. Bungie it would be nice for you to offer some input as well. 1. Add more open world content were you can explore, attack, be attacked, fight, find cool stuff. Find mini- side quests. Take Skyrim as an example. Open up more planets....Even other Solar systems. We could even be at the tower and suddenly get a brief attack from cabal for example.... 2. PVP should be its own entity. Run it like the old Counter strike days...weapons, armor are unlocked based on money won for each round. You do not use your PVE weapons at all, as PVP has its own set that you can only use in PVP and purchase like in Counter Strike. Once you leave PVP the guns are gone as they are tied to PVP. Money is reset or goes up and down based on wins and losses. Light is not a factor in PVP. Armor is not a factor in PVP as again you would use the Counterstrike system to purchase what you need for each round. In a nutshell PvP is its own game. It could be based on COD4 or CS. Allow for BOTs if nobody is playing. This way everyone has the same weapons and armor. 3. PVE should be were you explore, do quests for various stuff, raids, strikes. Etc. 4. fireteams of up to 6 in PVE, simple checks when fighting AI can be done to determine how many in the Fireteam thus adjusting hardness. Puzzle quests can be added for fun. No quest should involve PvP. 5. Leveling up should not be a task. Keep it simple. use XP. Done. 6. Light should not be tied to weapons and should be able to be earned anyplace in the game. Except PVP. Light should not be a deciding factor on if you can play a certain Raid or strike unless it is obtainable by completing other activities. If it is too hard to get light to play content.... people get bored and leave. 7. All material should be available for sale. Or be abled to be mined. Pricing can be set to rarity. 8. Allow us to build a place we call home or acquire it, were we can store our stuff with plenty of room. A place in the openworld. Since it is in the open world we could walk out the door and be randomly attacked. 9. If you are going to have adds that have elemental shields.... give us primaries to take those shields down. Primaries with elemental damage. 10. Infusion is infusion, I see a lot of restrictions here an it slows progress. Let the process work. 11. if I am 296, I should not be seeing 265 drops... Sure you can limit the higher needed drops... but to have 100% drops 30 light below existing light... really ?? 12. End Timed quests. If you are offering a puzzle quest... it should stay and be obtainable. Otherwise, exclusions occur because you do not have that said Item. 13. DLC's, you need to keep adding DLC's some for free some for a small fee. However, they all should have extensive content. 14. Allow for year 1 exotics and raid gear to be usable. We earned it...we should be able to use it until something better comes along. I am posting up here cause I like Destiny, but I also see it failing and self destructing. It can be saved. but something has to change. It can't sustain itself if it does not get fixed... people will get bored, some will be excluded because of not being able to level up fast enough. Some because of timed quests will also get bored. Bungie needs to interact with its fan base. provide feedback. don't keep us hanging... we want to know you hear us. Let us know if it is good or bad and why.... give us feedback so we understand your thoughts and plans. Replying is not ... uh... 3 words.. boom done.....

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