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Transmission- Part 2

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another installment of Transmission. As always I hope you enjoy, have a cookie *gives you cookie* and I'll see you starside. [u]Transmission[/u] Balear flew through the Mercurian air, looking for the infamous Lighthouse. When he finally located it, he transmattated onto the ground. He paced around for a few minutes before a Warlock walked up to him. "Oi!" The Warlock said in a British accent. "What arrya doin here?" Balear chuckled slightly and responded saying "I'm here to see Osiris." The Warlock stiffened and looked at Balear real carefully. "He's been a dead for a long time," the Warlock said, his accent suddenly disappearing. "Now now, don't give me that," Balear groaned. "Well how would you know THAT," he asked. "Because Praedyth is alive." The air turned cold and the chill sent shivers down Balear's spine. "Come with me," the Warlock said. He led Balear around the Lighthouse for a few minutes. After opening a passageway that was locked to guardians when they visited they stood before Osiris. Osiris was discussing something with other guardians. Suddenly a transmission was received, asking for Osiris. He simply waved his hand and the transmission cut out. "Ignoring your friends now?" Balear asked. For the first time Osiris looked up from the table and spoke to the Titan. "Shut up." Was all he said. "Aw come on don't be-" "No, no, no. Don't you say that. Especially not after what happened last time." "You can't still be mad about that! It was hilarious." "It really wasn't." "But Osiris-" "You heard the man," said a Hunter that stood near Osiris. "He said no." In a swift motion Balear pulled out his Handcannon and fired a bullet into the Hunter's head. "I don't like to be cut off," Balear said smiling. Osiris burst out laughing and walked over to Balear. Osiris patted his shoulder, still laughing. "I'll have a team ready within the hour," Osiris said. "Do you even know what you're getting prepared for?" Balear questioned. "Of course I do." A Hunter ran into the room and called for Osiris. "What is it?" Osiris asked. The Hunter caught his breath and said "Sunbreaker.... Legion.... on... their way, sir." =--------------------------------------------------= [i]The Vault of Glass[/i] "And I says to this Hunter, 'All in the days work.'" Dredgen finished strong leaving the team to gawk at his story. "No way." Truth was the first to speak. "Yes way," Cayde replied. "Andal told me that story." "Did he now?" Ikora questioned. "He sure did," Anon stated. "All Hunters know that story." "Well I don't!" Truth said, almost offended. Anon could only shrug. "So is Truth the only one who doesn't know it?" Kabr spoke up. "Apparently so." Praedyth mumbled. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks when a screech echoed through the cavern. An Ahamkara flew over them and a Hunter jumped off it's back. As he did so the Ahamkara transformed into a bird and perched itself on the Hunter's shoulder. "I'm not late am I?" he asked. "Actually no, you're not. You're right on time." Praedyth said chuckling. "Well we all know who this is," Cayde said. "Hey Gage." "Hey there, Six." Gage said, shaking the Exo's hand. "Any word from Osiris?" Asked Praedyth. "No," Gage replied. "But I heard from Balear. Says he's going to get Osiris personally." "Sounds good, time to go." The team checked their weapons and their ammo supply. When they figured everything was in order they went on their way. Praedyth stayed backed, saying he needed to check on something. "I'm ready," Praedyth said, looking up. His robes turned to rags and his helmet disappeared. His legs started to wobble and he fell down. His skin disappeared and so did his muscles. He stayed silent welcoming the end. When it was all over, the only thing left were rags and bones. A Vex cloud appeared next to him and when it disappeared a Gorgon floated above his bones. The Gorgon picked the bones up and disappeared. [b][u]Finale of Transmission[/u][/b] Hope you enjoyed this chapter next one will be Actiony and Stuff. Alright bye. Catch up here:

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