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Septagon Weekly Update - 23/10/2015 - Can't Buy Me Love, Only Allegiance

It's been a dark week for the community. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you all, but it must be said. Due to recent events, Executor Hideo and Arach Jalaal are both facing disciplinary action for the sudden drop in faction alliance to New Monarchy and Dead Orbit, respectively. Coincidentally, the Future War Cult has been doing very well. When asked for a statement, Lakshmi-2 stated that she had, and I quote, "No time to explain." Hello, everyone. It's been another good week, despite what I just said. A year ago, Destiny was still a new thing which few understood. Answers were left unexplained, and we found out that there wasn't even time to explain why they didn't have time to explain. Now, though, many of you have [i]that[/i] answer. You did that. That's one of the ways the community has shaped the game, and you can bet it's not the only way. Many community members joined on with the launch of [i]The Taken King[/i], and to that I welcome you. Liking it so far? In any case, this game that many of us have collected around has grown and been shaped by us, the gamers in the community. From loot caves to balancing to every little glitch that we found (and it took millions of players, in some cases), you all did that. I'm really proud to be a part of this community for things like that. But not just that. As another week comes and goes and we think back to the early days of Destiny, I think back even further to long before I even knew what Bungie was. For that, though, I'd like to take you on a journey again this week. [u][b]History of the Architects[/b][/u] As I mentioned in previous SWUs, Bungie's history goes back quite some time. In fact, they were making games before many of you were born. The site and studio have been long at work to entertain their community. [url=]Rollin[/url] is here to share a bit more of that with you. [quote]Hey all, Rollin here again, dumping more lore your way. This time around we’re going to take a look at a broad picture of the history of Bungie, and 1990 – Gnop! is created by Alex Seropian 1991 – Alex Seropian & Jason Jones found Bungie Software Product Corporation 1991 – Operation: Desert Storm 1993 – Pathways into Darkness 1994 – Marathon is released comes into existence 1995 – Marathon 2: Durandal 1996 – Marathon Infinity is released, Crack dot Com’s “Abuse” is published by Bungie, and Weekend Warrior, a little known game Bungie worked on, is released. 1997 – is born, and Myth: The Fallen Lords is released. Bungie also opens a second studio in Silicon Valley called “Bungie Studios West,” or “Bungie West.” 1998 – Myth II: Soublighter is released, but only after every disk was replaced right before shipping because of a major bug. 1999 – begins receiving mysterious letters from, kicking off the “Cortana Letters.” 2000 – Bungie is acquired by Microsoft, and the company moves to Redmond, Washington. 2001 – Bungie West releases their only game, Oni. Later in the year, Halo is released. 2004 – was launched, starting the “I Love Bees” ARG. Halo 2 is released later in the year. Member titles are added to 2005 – Bungie moves to Kirkland, Washington. 2007 – Halo 3 is released. 2009 – Halo 3: ODST (originally Halo Recon) is released. 2010 – Halo: Reach is released. 2013 – goes live. 2014 – Destiny is released. Hope you enjoyed your history lesson. Think I missed anything major? Drop it in the comments below, and as always, I’ll always take suggestions for future updates. Stay classy, Community![/quote] Jones is old. [i][b]What's Going On in the Community This Week?[/b][/i] As always, a lot. [url=]First off, and easily the most important thing of the week, a real life Kinderguardian! I'll be honest, I've tried using a Super in real life, too.[/url] This little Guardian is a good deal better than any of us since he can use every subclass's Super. Kinderguardian is too OP. Bungie, please nerf. Then comes the spookiness of October. While I like autumn for the colours and smells and temperature, others like it for the thrills and styles. That, of course, includes Halloween. Continuing through this week is [url=]Progo[/url] and [url=]Art and Stuff[/url]'s [url=]Inktober Art Contest[/url]! Honestly, I've been blown away by some of the recent entires. They're incredible! Please, do yourself a favour and check them out. Art and Stuff also has something else in store for the coming months, but it's not a contest. Stay tuned and join the group to find out more. [url=]This coming week is the Community Carnage Charity Brawl on the 25th.[/url] Community Ninja Prometheus is doing an incredible thing by helping to raise money for children in need. I don't think there's a single person in this fantastic community who can slight that. Don't just do him a favour, but also do those children a kindness by checking it out and even giving a donation. This isn't through Bungie, so there's not special prizes, but deep down I don't think that's necessary for such a good spirited event. I'm sure all of you agree as well. Lastly, [url=]The Friends List[/url], a Flood-oriented group, has something cooking up their sleeves. If you're interested in a very different feel for the site and a very different social group than Destiny fans, check it out. There's a lot of great people in there, but keep it clean. If you're just here for Destiny, then don't worry about it, but if you've been here longer and/or want to meet new people, I suggest giving it a go. If you want to get involved with the Bungie community, the [url=]Seventh Conflux is a great place to start. We're a hub of many major community-run events and it's a great way to get involved.[/url] Check us out! [b][u]Game Nights![/u][/b] [url=]FCAW[/url][url=] - Marathon Infinity - 9PM ET - Friday, 10/23[/url] [url=]FCAW[/url] - Myth - 9PM ET - Tuesday, 10/27 For Carnage Apply Within plans to bring us two Game Nights this week. And, the Marathon Infinity night is actually happening today! Show up and play dammit! [url=]MCC Medley Mayhem #2 - 5PM ET - Saturday, 10/24[/url] [url=]Reign of Bane[/url] returns to invite #Gaming to the second ever MCC Medley Mayhem. This one is sure to be nothing but fun. [u][b]Out Here In the Wild[/b][/u] As many of you know, isn't the only place for Destiny and Bungie news. Whether it be great YouTubers like [url=]My name is Byf[/url] or social streamers on Twitch like [url=]Laced Up Lauren[/url], there's always a way for you to stay tuned in to Destiny and interact with smaller communities that these people build up. However, easily one of the best places to go for Destiny content and news outside of our lovely little site is reddit's subreddit, [url=]Destiny the Game[/url]. This week, reddit came up with two terrible ideas. I'm so sorry. [url=]First off, how Warlock can prank their teammates in the King's Fall Raid[/url]. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Second is the new, secret mode of the Raid. [url=]Suicide Mode[/url]. [i]Dismantle mines, yes?[/i] I am seriously so sorry. [u][b]Here to Help[/b][/u] As a Mentor, I feel obliged to reach out on behalf of the Destiny Player Support team. The Welcoming Committee is not just the cool kids club for Mentors, but it's also a place of resources. I've linked a couple of our threads into this one. If you ever need a hand, just reach out and one of our white gloved ones will be there. Maybe two. [url=]Mentor FAQ[/url] — [url=]Bungie Forum Bug Submission[/url] — [url=]Groups, Clans, and Alliances[/url] — [url=]Forum Categories and Tags[b]*[/b][/url] — [url=]LFG Hub[/url] [b]*[/b] Make sure to post in the right place or else your content won't be seen by the right people! You'll be seeing a few updated faces on the forum now, be they white, orange, or blue barred. Help us help you. [b][u]Sunset From the Tower[/u][/b] Beautiful, isn't it? That brings us to the close of another Septagon Weekly Update. It's been a pleasure writing for you again and I can't wait to read what you all have to say. I'll have a ton of great things to talk about that some of us are still working on in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Remember: If you ever need dating advice, ask Bobcast. [u][b]Question of the Week:[/b][/u] Newbies: Who is your favourite Destiny content creator? Ancients: What's one thing you'd like to teach the new members to [url=][b]Video of the Week[/b][/url]

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