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[Ps4] Six Weeks and still no fix for Siege of Warmind Heroic Modifier?

It's been six weeks now and I still am not able to go into Siege of Warmind on Heroic Modifier 240. I keep getting the "Players do not have access to this activity." Before you ask me any questions -Yes I still have my PS+ membership going and paid for the next 3 months -Yes I do have the expansions installed (TDB, HoW, TTK) -Yes I did clear The Dark Below story mode. -Yes I did complete EVERY mission given to me at the abandoned mission kiosk -Yes I did clear my cache -Yes I did restore my licenses -Yes I did rebuild my database in ps4 safe mode -And finally yes I did reinstall everything I really want to grab the Pulse Rifle from Omnigul, but this has been preventing me all this time.

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