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Bearbeitet von MGL_ASIAN: 10/18/2015 6:16:30 PM

Petition for exotic khvostov





Alright so we all remember our first weapon when we started, the khvostov, looking like some old CoD assault rifle and with the cracked holographic sight, it wasn't the best performing weapon, but it had a certain charm about it that I think we can all agree about. Therefore it'd be nice if we the players who keep the weapon and hit the current level cap should get a mini questline for the weapon going back and forth through the wilderness and the banshee the gunsmith grinding it up to a decent legendary then finally ending with a final exotic mission quest. I think the name could be something like Old Friend, or maybe A Lucky Break(because in the world of destiny that gun has to be a few centuries old). BUMP AND ANSWER YES IF YOU AGREE Ok edit 10/18/15: What would be a cool perk for the exotic? Any suggestions?

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