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ursprünglich gepostet in: A funny thing happened to Black Spindle
10/13/2015 11:06:10 PM

This is my first post. I've been playing the game more or less from the start. But i've come to a conclusion that you overlook one thing. Our time that we put in to the game. You know that the Black Spindle mission was demanding. When we beat it on a 3rd try with 2 fellow guardians we ware happy "1st G-horn" style. It was one of those Destiny moments for us. And now the nerf... Look, most of us just by playing the game will get the Spindle back to 310. To me this nerf means YOU TAKING AWAY 2 things. My personal time I've put in to geting the weapon (plus now you demand even more) and the great moment that we had with your game. Nothing else. The Nerf don't make sense to me. The Spindle was and is a great rifle but it's no OP G-horn killer. It's just a very cool weapon to have and use. Destiny to me is mostly about having fun with friends. I don't care for this endless grind you put on us. I understand MMO play-style but you have to respect the time we put in to your game. You say it was over-powered, had wrong stats? I've got the 4th Horesman like 6 times allready from an engram and still missing most of the year 2 exotic drop primaries. Now I have a weapon that was nerfed and have to look at my friends using weapons I would like to try out. To have a good time. Raid drops are an issue to lot of us, Charged Agonarch rune is borken (can't get the fragment) At the end of the day I care more about having fun with my friends than to do this endless grind thing. Still we have to do it to complete the game, but more and more I feel the things I do in Destiny don't matter. - Remember that struggle we've had getting that Spindle? - Yeah, it was EPIC as hell but later it was nerfed for some stupid reason so we've had to grind more engrams (oh how fun that sounds) See where I'm heading with this? I know you have like milion reasons to prove to me it had to be done 'cause otherwise the universe would end or something but to me (and some of my friends) we just start to think a little bit different about our comitment to this game. I dunno... You might call me a cry baby but i just don't like this approach...

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