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Bearbeitet von Nemaxedout: 10/12/2015 12:45:50 AM

We need a breast cancer awareness shader!

I think it'd be cool if we had an all pink shader for October. What do you think guardians? Edit: It was just an idea of mine, so I posted it. A lot of people are saying, "What about other diseases?" It isn't that I don't care about any other issues, I just thought it would be nice just because it's October. Edit 2: Also, I didn't mean you'd have to make a donation for it, I meant that you'd receive it for free, just to raise awareness. Edit 3: There are mixed opinions about this. Someone gave the idea of having shader for all cancer. But that leaves other diseases out. I wasn't suggesting that It should be implemented. It was just an idea to create discussion.
#Destiny #october

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