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Bearbeitet von GameBroJeremy: 10/8/2015 4:33:21 PM

If The Sleeper Simulant Was Time Locked, There Could Be Others.

So as we all know by now, the Sleeper Simulant has been made available to the community as of October 7th (I see what you did there Bungie), and some of you on the forum consider this to be a slap in the face. Some of you here as a community devoted your time towards trying to solve what was considered a mystery the community had to solve as together. In the end, the hard work some of you spent trying to maybe discover how to find it was actually available to us the whole time but was put behind a time gate. In other words, while we tried to figure out what the DALVIN fusion rifle relics would do, Bungie was behind us, chuckling at all of us for playing Destiny to solve a puzzle that was actually being held back. I understand why they would do this. This fusion rifle was considered to be the next [i]Gjallahorn of Destiny[/i], the second most hyped up weapon (swords being the most hyped). It's power, from what I heard from others, (I don't have it yet, I need one more Warsat to drop on Mars for me) it is strong enough to bounce off of a boss's body and deal damage to about half of its health (assuming it bounces off the boss enough). Sounds pretty powerful if you ask me. There is another reason however and is one that might make us disappointed a little. A [u]theory[/u] I have thought to myself is that the Triple AAA titles coming out this Fall (I'm looking at you Fallout 4) pose a threat to Destiny and I'm sure Bungie and Activision want to keep people playing the game. If Bungie is preventing us from getting certain exotics by time locking them, it would keep us searching as a community for them during a time where we can be playing other games. Now, [b]is this necessarily a bad thing?[/b] Well to be honest, I have no idea (I have mixed feelings on that subject). I could be wrong with this theory though. Maybe those weapons we haven't found yet require us to search Daily Heroic story missions, performing/meeting certain requirements, leveling up guns, redoing quest at the abandoned kiosk at the Hall of Guardians etc. So far we know of two more exotics we still haven't found, No Time To Explain (an exotic variant of The Strangers Rifle) and a unnamed exotic rocket launcher. Could there be more out there and should we keep searching? That's up for you all to decide. So how do you feel about Bungie putting a time lock on the Sleeper Simulant? Feel free to let me and the community as a whole know.

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