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10/6/2015 6:44:05 AM

Destiny Year 2 Fix wow microtransactions

Can we all take a moment and step back,and see how much improvement there has been to Destiny. 2.0 has 100% restored by faith in Bungie. So many issues have been addressed and fixed. The new story telling approach has brought back many players, this I know by first hand experience friends who didn't understand the story or reason for grimore. Content is now there I know many of you will argue that it should of been there since day one, but it's here now and boy was it worth the wait. I know a lot of you are debating the Microtransactions. I personally think this is a great move by bungie. It will allow guardians who want to add move customization to there characters to do so. And others who wish not to are not affected. And if we end up getting free DLC story content everyone is a winner. Job well done. So far the content we have received is keeping me pretty busy. My progress to far..... Warlock 308light Titan. 303light Hunter 301light So tell me what u think of year 2 so far. What's your progress. Ps. A air guitar emote would rock :)

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