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10/4/2015 4:57:41 PM

Water on Mars

A few days ago Nasa found actual water on Mars. This got me wondering if bungie might add this to destiny. It's a small idea but it interests me. This could completely change the environment or just add a few puddles. It interests me whether or not we will be seeing water on mars. Will they add it in a new dlc where mars will be the main topic of the expansion. Will bungie just not add it at all. I think it would be cool if they did but does anyone else have any ideas. I think that this could change the missions a lot as well. For instance the skyscraper that you enter in various missions ex. The flayers. Maybe water could start flooding the bottom of the building forcing you to go up as you fight hordes of enemys. I think it would bring a lot of life to Mars and not make it so boring and undesirable. Any ideas?

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