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10/2/2015 1:42:13 AM

Something is wrong with my Destiny. "Opps Something bad happened."

First off, i've been having troubles trying to install Destiny (look at my older posts) so i decided to try installing the trial version first then figure things out from there but something strange happened. When i opened Destiny it did the normal thing with the Destiny opening screen with the silhouette of Oryx into the loading black screen but during that loading screen i think broke Destiny broke. The screen stayed black but some texted popped up in the top left saying "Opps, Something bad happened. Please wait a moment..." then the text changed to "Thanks for your patience! Feel free to reboot your console and continue playing." along with the Bungie website url. The text was a font that you would see on a computer that bluescreened. I've restarted my console (Xbox One) and it's still doing it. Bungie?

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