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Vault Raiders- Part: 3

[b][i]AUTHOR'S NOTE;[/i][/b] Welcome back to another installment of Vault Raiders. I had some help with this one and I would like to personally thank Echo for helping me out with this part. Echo gets two cookies for that. The rest of you get one. Now go enjoy *gives you a cookie* [u]Vault Raiders- Part: 3[/u] The left and right conflux spawned in with a flash of white. Cayde and Anon pushed over to the left conflux while Ikora and Truth jumped down and took the right one. Truth and Ikora where immediately met with a couple of goblins that were easily dispatched. They were gunning down Vex for a bit before they started to get overwhelmed. The Vex forced the two to slowly move backwards until they had their backs against the Conflux. They were surrounded. Truth continued gunning down the Vex while Ikora began summoning a Nova bomb. "IKORA WE NEED A NOVA!" Truth screamed at the Warlock Vanguard. She stood by waiting for an answer as she continued to shoot the Vex down with her Ace of Spades. Ikora replied a few seconds later saying, "Hold on." Suddenly a purple ball of Void hit the Vex head on. Ikora was shooting her Auto rifle and screaming like a Banshee, leaving Truth stunned. Truth quickly regained her senses, taking aim at the Vex she was shot in the arm by a goblin that was hiding on the stairwell in the back. She screamed In pain, dropping her hand cannon. Truth ducked for cover, but she was a second to late. She got shot in the leg causing her to fall inches from cover. "I'M COMING TRUTH!" Roared Anon over the comms. As he rushed to where Truth and Ikora where, his body started pumping with adrenaline. Over the Comms Dredgen stated "I'll cover you," and started picking goblins off one by one. Anon ran from the left side all the way to where Truth lay. He dodged and weaved shots from goblins and Hogoblins alike. Hopping over a wall he landed by Truth's side. She lay there, blood pouring out of her burned leg. Anon tried calming her down because she was squirming left to right. She was constantly making sounds that were a mixture of tortured screaming and groaning. "I gotcha," Anon said "This is gonna hurt." He picked her up off the ground and she gripped his back tightly as she screamed from the pain that shot up her leg. Anon carefully placed her behind cover and treated the burns as best he could. When her Ghost appeared to heal the wounds he shouted to Ikora, "COME APPLY PRESSURE, I'LL TAKE CARE OF THE CONFLUX!" Then in a quiet tone he said "Maybe." Ikora ran over and kneeled by Truth's side. Doing as she was told, she applied pressure on Truth's leg to slow the blood. Truth's Ghost worked on here arm wounds which wasn't easy due to all the squirming. Anon got up and headed to the conflux an Arc Blade appearing in his hand. =--------------------------------------------------= [i]Meanwhile at the left conflux,[/i] Cayde was easily taking care of the Vex with his weapon of choice, Hawkmoon. He made every shot with deadly precision, shooting the Vex in their white stomaches. Anon stood by him holding his Shadow Price. When Truth screamed, Anon immediately perked up and headed straight for her. Cayde could tell Anon meant business because he was dodging and weaving until he reached her. Cayde now stood all alone against the Vex waves. Honestly, he didn't think he could do it. His hunch was correct for the Vex had already started overwhelming him. He had many close calls, barely stopping some Vex from sacrificing themselves. As he fought the Vex he felt a tingle in his head. He brushed it off, but when it didn't stop he thought it was important. He scanned what it was and figured out it was a Pre-Wipe memory. He shivered not wanting to remember, but it beckoned to him like an old friend. It called his name and he refused to look. The Vex were growing to a point where he couldn't stop them. He decided against his wishes and let the memory sink in. He saw himself holding a Bow and Arrow in his hands. They were both void and he quickly realized what it was. Cayde snapped back to reality as a single Vex Hogoblin sacrificed itself. He cursed himself and thought about what he had seen. Cayde took down some more Vex to by him some time. He then reached into the void. It welcomed him like an old friend. It embraced him as its own. He pulled his hand out and he held the bow he had seen. Cayde grinned the wildest grin an Exo could give and jumped into the air, firing a single arrow in the middle of the Vex waves. A small black hole appeared and it pulled the Vex in. The black hole wasn't allowing the Vex to escape anytime soon, so Cayde pulled out his Rocket Launcher, The Fear. He fired it into chaos. The resulting explosion sent Vex bodies, and body parts flying everywhere. A Goblin arm hit Cayde with such force he toppled backwards. [b][i][u]END OF PART 3[/u][/i][/b] Catch up here:

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