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Vault Raiders- Part: 2

[b][i]Author's Note:[/i][/b] Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the another part of Everything Changes. As always have a cookie *gives you cookie* enjoy and see you starside. [u]Vault Raiders- Part: 2[/u] Kabr led the raid team through the cave and into the darkness. Making twists and turns until they reached an immense cavern with a large area in the middle. "That's where the Templar will be," Kabr said pointing at the area. He jumped down onto a pillar that was suspended in the air by Vex Technology. He led the way until he and the Raid Team stood on a ledge looking down on the area where the Templar would be. "First only Anon and Cayde will go down." Said Kabr, "They'll take care of the first conflux. When they're done with the conflux they will go through the Templar's legions. Then twi confluxes will appear. So Ikora and Truth will go down to assist them. After that, another Legion then me and Dredgen come down." The others nodded in agreement. Cayde and Anon double checked their weapons and jumped down. It was about to begin. ------------------------------------------------------ [i]Meanwhile, at the Tower[/i] The Speaker stood in front of the Guardians, raising his hand. Everyone quieted down, understanding what was about to happen. The Speaker spoke calmly with a strong voice, to be heard across the Plaza. He began by saying "The rumors are true, the Vanguard have gone to the Vault of Glass. Accompanying them is Kabr, one of the greatest Titans to have lived. He was dead, until sightings of him were reported. Now he leads the Vanguard and two others, to set what has changed, right. We can only wait until they return to determine whether it worked or not." ------------------------------------------------------ [i]Back in the Vault[/i] Cayde and Anon were fighting through Vex, protecting the Conflux with all their might. A Minotaur charged at the two but was quickly stopped with a sniper shot to the stomach. Dredgen grinned, pleased with the shot. Cayde gave him a thumbs up and they went back to protecting the Conflux. After protecting it for a while, it disappeared and the first Legion attacked. Goblins and Hogoblins led the way with Fanatics close behind. Anon and Cayde tore through them. The waves were held back when Ikora threw a Nova bomb in the middle of the Legion. The Vex were destroyed in a flash of Purple. Then, the second phase of confluxes began. [b][i]End of Part 2[/i][/b] Catch up here:

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