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9/23/2015 12:26:26 AM

Bungie: Text chat plz??

Dear bungie or the random guardian that reads: I read today's featured article about the silent clan, the no mic users, it got me thinking. Also my recent two broken mics brought me to the same conclusion. I recently have no mic, as stated before, and I have resorted to my USB keyboard through psn. My friends will chat and a minute and a half later after load time I chime in. It works but is majorly flawed. Start menu>find friend>load profile>create message>send>back-out to game. This process has literally got my lvl 40 killed by a lvl 4 dreg. Lol. So I guess my question is this, why haven't we implemented an in game chat box for those either in my predicament or those who are just more comfortable to communicate via text. It could just be subject to group so no one can spam in the tower, and show up in action feed (IE; Dorcheus23 dances). Thank you for reading, Dorcheus23. :)

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