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9/19/2015 6:00:16 PM

PS4 Blacksmith Shader Competion

Hey Guardians, Hows things? So I've got a Blacksmith Shader up for grabs on PS4 and all you've gotta do to win the fabulous prize is first answer this "very hard" question: "What is the name of the first Ship you get in the main Destiny campaign? (The one in the Cosmadrome on the first mission)" After you answer this question all you have to do is tell me the story your most flukiest Raid success to date. This can be from any raid be it VOG, Crotas End or Kings Fall. All entries will be judged on 25/9/2015 or for you Americans 9/25 at 12:00 GMT and I will PM the winner the code at 8 PM GMT that evening. Good luck Guardians Pinnacle Gamer out.

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