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9/8/2015 9:44:37 PM

Did BUNGIE just buffed GOLDEN GUN?! UPDATE 2.0

[quote]Gunslinger Golden Gun Damage increased (350 -> 360) to ensure it consistently killed opponents in the Crucible[/quote] Are you serious? What good does buffing the most over powered super in the game to other Crucible players? Look at the stats goddamn it, this is completely unnecessary. That means that Fully-Armored-Radiant-Skin Sunsingers no longer stand a chance? Thank, you Bungie. It was one of the few ways to counter the golden gun and now it's gone. I also recall that, as a player with 3 Warlocks, the Sunsinger pales in comparison to other time-based Supers, I know improvements can be done to the SubClass to make it a fair contender. I will upload a post about this in the near future.

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