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Planning (A Destiny fanfiction)

[b][i]AUTHOR'S NOTE:[/i][/b] Boop beep Bap. Welcome to the Fifth(?) chapter of Everything Changes. This one is a little shorter and less action packed but tomorrow is going to be Action filled. I promise. Anyways enjoy and see you starside. Anon walked down the stairs that lead to the Hall of Guardians. When he arrived he saw Ikora, Dredgen, Cayde, and a Titan that he presumed was Kabr, standing around the desk. A holographic image of the Vault of Glass floated over the table. Ikora made a hand gesture and Anon approached the table with Truth right behind him. Cayde looked at them and said, "Alright now that we're all here let's get to business. Now that Kabr is back it's obvious that somethings wrong with the Dimension. So-" Kabr cut him off by saying, "Actually it's not the dimension that's wrong it's the-" Cayde stopped him short by giving him a deadly look. "Nevermind," Kabr finished. "As I was saying," Cayde began. "Somethings wrong with the dimension, or whatever Kabr wants to call it, and we have to set it right. So the six of us around this table today are going to fix it. We're going to go into the Vault and return Kabr to wherever he was." Anon looked at group around him. "So we're going raiding?" He asked with a hint of worry in his voice. Cayde's eyes twinkled with what could only be called joyful recklessness. He flashed a wicked grin as he answered Anon's question. "Oh yes," he said. "Kabr here is going to give tips and tricks as well as a few strategies along the way. It all comes down to how we excute what he tells us." Kabr was looking at the ground, visibly upset and angry they he had to return to the Vault. However as a Titan, he had to follow his orders. That's what Titan's do after all. "Kabr. Kabr. Earth to Kabr." The Titan heard Cayde's voice and snapped up. He hadn't realized he zoned out thinking about the Vault. "You alright?" Cayde asked. Kabr knew the Vanguard didn't care though so he didn't answer. "Well alright." Cayde began, "Take it away Kabr." Kabr began explaining how the Vault of glass worked. Giving tips along the way. However it was clear that no one was listening. At that point everyone had been raiding at one point or another, even the Vanguard. "Me and my fireteam weren't able to defeat Atheon so I honestly don't know what to do." He finished. Truth fell to the ground with a soft thump. When Anon went over to her he saw she was asleep so they called it a day and went back to their respective jobs. Anon carried Truth to her place and put her to bed. He then went into the crucible to forget about what would happen the next day. Kabr and Dredgen went out on Patrol and the Vanguards went back to doing Vanguard things. The day went on rather slowly with no one wanting it to end. Mostly because they knew what awaited them the next day. [b][i]Sorry for the lack of explanation with the hole Vault thing. At this point I figured every one reading has done the raid and if not I suggest you do. But I'll see you later, hope you enjoyed and here. *gives you a cookie*[/i][/b] Also catch up with other parts here:

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