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Returning Home: Part- 2

[b][i]Hello ladies and gentlemen. *hands you a cookie* Hope you enjoy this part and see you starside.[/i][/b] As soon as those words left Truth's mouth, Anon was trying to sit up. Truth gently put her hands on Anon's chest and put him down. Lying there Anon thought of all the questions he wanted to ask Kabr. "Anon what did I tell you?" Asked Truth. "But I have so many-" Anon began before he was cut off by Truth. "No buts mister. You are going to lie here and wait until you're ready to leave the medical bay." Anon groaned again and shut himself down so he didn't have to deal with the boringness of sitting in bed. Truth let out a sigh of relief when she saw that he was out. She left the room and went to the Tower's courtyard. ----------------------------------------------------- Kabr was lying down in his own bed. He was listening to music on this odd Music box he had found on Patrol one day. It was a surprise that no one had taken it. It was an even bigger surprise when he learned that his old home was uninhabited because no one wanted to ruin what the Titan had worked so hard for. He looked around his home and thought about everything he had seen and been through. The memories came flooding back like old foes. The memories attacked his emotions and he could feel tears welling up in the corner of his eyes. The memory of Her struck a nerve and he burst. He put his pillow over his face and cried. The memories didn't stop, he remembered her soft touch, her lips. After a few minutes of crying he pulled himself together. Pushing the memories back he thought about what would happen next. Ikora had said she wanted to speak to him first thing the next morning. Kabr thought about it and decided not to dwell on it. He got up and left the room. Putting on his casual clothes he went outside for a walk. ------------------------------------------------------ [i]The Next Day[/i] Truth came back to Anon's hospital room and told him he was free to go. Anon instantly got up and was out door before Truth could even tell him the most important part. She followed Anon as he walked down the hallway heading for the exit. "Anon." Truth called. Anon stopped and wait for Truth to catch up. "What's up?" he asked. "Ikora wants to see you in the Hall of Guardians." "Alright let's get a move on Truth." [b][i]FINALE OF RETURNING HOME [/i][/b] This chapter was a little slow and boring but I promise the next ones are going to be awesome :3 Oh and catch up here:

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