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opinions on xim4 and other m&k adpaters

it's cheating!


it's not cheating!


I don't care, just let them play how they want too


opinions on xim4? I don't own one but a buddy of mine got one, and let me try it out now to provide some context before I say my opinions on it, I own both a gaming pc and an xbox one. I play crap tons of dirty bomb, tf2, and planetside 2. I'm not the best player by any means but i'd consider myself above average, because i'm capable of outgunning lots of people in head to head scenarios and always aim for crit spots ( so in planetside or dirty bomb, it's the head ) And personally, I really don't think it gives you an advantage at all why? well, for two reasons 1- controllers already get access to aim assist and whatnot ( so pair a skilled controller user with aim assist and you have a god ) 2- because of the way sensitivity in destiny works, it's impossible to get anything close to the precision, and mobility native m&k offers. you can't just spin around like on a pc game. Instead you have to slowly turn just like on console. trying to make rapid movements with the mouse like you would on native mouse and keyboard, causes you to reach the "turn speed limit" real fast and ends up in you moving an inch. Which means you can't be pinpoint like accurate like on native m&k so, in the end , I personally don't think it gives players an advantage by any means of the word ( at least in destiny ) It's simply just another way of playing the game. I might get one myself, because I personally had more fun with the m&k than I did with the controller. And it felt really cool to play a console only game with pc hardware, I don't know why. Maybe because it makes me feel like a rebel also testing was done on a Logitech g600 mouse. I tried it on all settings from 400 dpi to 8200 dpi. 400 dpi- way too low. takes 8 slow mouse "swings" to make a 180 degree turn 1000 dpi- still way too low. 5 slow mouse "swings" to make a 180 degree turn 2000 dpi- easy to snipe perfectly still targets but nothing else 3200 dpi- turns slowish but is fairly accurate. 3200 dpi is fine for when you aren't blink shotgunning or sniping really quick targets. 4000 dpi- same as with 3200 dpi 5000 dpi- sweet spot. Turns quick enough without sacrificing accuracy 6000 dpi - another sweet spot, and my favorite. turns quick enough and is accurate if you can get used to the higher sensitivity 7000 dpi- too much. hard to be accurate with destinies console designed sensitivity 8200 dpi- WAY TOO MUCH. YOU CAN'T EVEN LOOK STRIAGHT

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