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Do you play Destiny with a Controller or Keyboard and Mouse?



Scuf controller


Xim 4 (keyboard, gamepad, n mouse)


The poll question is how are you currently playing Destiny and other FPS on the console? I'm curious to know what's out there, and for those who are PC gamers like me... there is a more comfortable option. The day is coming... and for some I think it's already here where console games (especially FPS) will be played more by mouse and keyboard. I'm a previous PC FPS gamer only. But honestly... the cheating got WAY outta control on PC gaming to where you spent almost more time looking for a legit server than playing. So I came over to console's especially with the graphics and games improving (still not on High end gaming PC level yet.. but still pretty darn good). So... The only real big issue with console vs PC gaming is Controller, vs Mouse and keyboard (or gamepad like a g-13). Got my Xim 4... and I can't tell you how cool it is to play FPS again like I'm on a PC with my g-13 and gaming mouse.

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