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8/24/2015 12:36:30 AM

So much for becoming LEGEND Bungie....

I've read it all here on the Forums, Bungie is -blam!-ing up big time. //Selling Ghorn after announcing the Nerf, then letting us know that it won't be upgraded for Year 2. //Making us hunt the Necrochasm to tell us you'll leave it behind. //Nerfing all year-one Stats (P. Balance, hammer Forged, Field Scout etc) therefore nerfing Everything that relates to them. If this is how you'll do stuff for the next 10 upcoming years there's no point in buying TTK since all its gear will be obsolete in Year 3. Here is a recent quote from Deej; "We want to be more respectful of players time. You should have something to show for it." [url][/url]

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