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Everything Changes: Chapter 4: Returning Home: Part-1

[b][i]Author's note:[/i][/b] Hello again Guardians and welcome back to the next Chapter in Everything Changes. I hope you enjoy and as always I'll see you starside. Kabr winced at the sound of his name. Dredgen looked him in the eyes and saw the fear he was trying to hide. "You know the guardians look up to you..." Dredgen began. Kabr looked at the Hunter with a look of disbelief in his eyes. "I think you have the wrong Titan." Kabr said, "I'm nothing special." "Of course you are." Dredgen replied. "How? How on Earth can I be special?" "Well, Kabr I could tell you of the legacy you left behind, the inspiration. I could tell of the Guardians that have died trying to become as strong as you were. I will not, because I know that this makes no difference in the way you think about yourself. What I will tell you is that we still need you. Timelines and universes are changing now that you're alive. And unless you return to wherever you where before, now or after nothing will be the same. Come back to the tower with me and set things right. See what the guardians think of you." Kabr looked at Dredgen again. "One last fight to end them all then?" He asked Dredgen. Dredgen nodded in response to Kabr's question. Kabr stood up and said, "Why are we sitting around here then? Let's get moving." He grinned and held his hand out to Dredgen, who took it and got to his feet. ------------------------------------------------------ Ikora Rey tapped her foot against the ground as she sat in one of the lounge chairs awaiting the return of Anon, Cayde, and hopefully Zavala. "IKORA!" Yelled Truth, "Can you please stop that already?" "Not until they return." replied Ikora. "Can't you just bring them back?" She asked Lakshmi. "Yes I could. The question is should I?" She replied. "OF COURSE YOU SHOULD" Ikora yelled. She started becoming extremely angry and annoyed. Lakshmi hesitated for a second but she went into the machine room and brought them back. ------------------------------------------------------ Anon's eyes began to fill with white and then he slipped away into unconsciousness. When he woke up he looked around to find himself in the medical bay with Truth sitting by him. He tried to sit up but Truth stopped him. "Now now Anon, the Doctors say that you shouldn't leave until an hour from now so you're going to have to sit tight." She said. Anon groaned at the pure thought of sitting around for another hour. "How long have I been out?" he asked. "About two days." Truth replied. "What?!?" he asked in shock "Yup. Don't worry about it though I have some news for you." "That would be?" "Well in the two days you've been unconscious Dredgen returned to the tower with a guest." "You don't mean.." "That's right Kabr is back." [b][i]TO BE CONTINUED[/i][/b] This part took me a while to wrap my head around because I have some big plans for the future of this Fanfiction I just didn't know how to get there. But it's all good hope you enjoyed and see you later. Catch up here ---->

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