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8/18/2015 9:02:34 PM

The United Forum Council (read first)

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Hello fellow guardians, Titans Warlocks and Hunters of all sorts, today, I ask you lend me your ears. It has come to my, and, well, everyone's attentions that our forums, are, to put it bluntly, unorganized and salty. I propose a solution to this plague, something to unite us all under one house, and, give Bungie a single, powerful, community voice to listen to at the same time. With my idea, we could both tell Bungie exactly what we want, and demand, as a whole, that it is delivered, and finally heal our broken community. Without further ado, I present, The United Forum Council Project: Imagine this: A democratically elected council of community members, chosen specifically to both communicate our ideas to Bungie, and help keep our community together at a moral level. The council members would have the following responsibilities: - Looking after and calming the community during times of crisis (an example would be a current event not worth bringing up) - Taking voted for ideas strait to Bungie's door - Representing the community as a whole, and improving our reputation Now I know what your thinking, "Turtle, this isn't a democracy, it's a Republic!" and that, my friend, is where this next part of the project comes in. You, yes YOU, as a member of our community, get to propose, and vote for, any ideas you want sent to Bungie. That's right, the council members have no power to make their own ideas when in office, only to present the community's. They do however, get their one vote. Ideas can be anything ranging from "Nerf a weapon" to, "Bring this map back into rotation" to "Bring blades of Crota back" and more! However, you have responsibilities also. - To educate yourself on the vote, and vote accordingly - Elect a proper official to office, or Impeach an official if needed - To not be biased, and keep in mind what is best for the game, and community I hope you all consider this idea, and how it would change Destiny, it's community, and our relationship with Bungie. Good day, and may RNGesus bless you all.

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