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Gazing into the Future: Part- 3

[b][i][u]AUTHOR'S NOTE:[/u][/i][/b] Heyo guardians and welcome back. Now I wasn't in the mood for writing much because I walked 36 kilometers (57 miles) in this marathon type thing so you'll have to excuse the sloppiness. But it's all good because here it is. Hope you enjoy and see you starside. Catch up here --> Zavala's body sparkled with Arc energy as he summoned his Fist of Havok and smashed into the ground, continuing the initial blast with a Shockwave. The impact of the Shockwave sent Cayde flying across the hanger. After Cayde had been disposed of Zavala stood turned, facing Anon. Anon stared in shock as Zavala started sprinting towards him. He managed to pull himself together and sidestepped a second before he had been hit with Zavala's Shoulder Charge. He jumped onto the Commander's back and pulled out his knife preparing his Arc Blade. Before he could summon it though, Zavala tipped over the stairs and both of them fell downstairs hitting stairs on the way. They crashed into the ground and Zavala got up first. He kicked Anon's side and the Hunter fell down another set of stairs. Zavala walked down after and started kicking Anon in the side full force. His shin crashed against Anon's Exo body causing a sharp pain to go throughout his entire leg. Anon took this chance to kick Zavala's legs out from under him. And as the Commander stumbled Anon stood up and launched multimedia blows at Zavala. As Anon went in for a right hook Zavala caught his arm and twisted it behind his back. Sparks flew from Anon's shoulder as he strained against Zavala's hold. He ran forward and his arm popped off leaving only his socket and oil pouring out. Anon quickly turned and kicked Zavala in the chest Spartan style sending him crashing into the furnace. The grate fell off as Zavala crashed to the ground. Anon kicked Zavala in the chest again causing him to cough up blood. Zavala grabbed Anon's leg and pulled it up making Anon fall on his back. Zavala stood over him and got kicked in the groin by Anon's Exo leg. Zavala grimaced as Anon stood a shoved him into the furnace with his one hand. Zavala fell into the furnace face first burning his entire upper body. He pulled himself out and roared in anger as lunged at Anon causing both of them to crash into the ground. Zavala sat on top of Anon delivering multiple blows onto Anon. Anon managed to get a hit in and punched Zavala in the chin. Causing the Commander to topple backwards, allowing Anon to stand up. Anon charged only to be met with Blindness as Zavala summoned his Ward of Dawn. He felt Zavala pounding his fists against Anon's torso. As his vision somewhat adjusted he grabbed Zavala's shoulder which was one of the more severe burn areas and squeezed as hard as he could. Zavala grimaced and picked up Anon, throwing him out of the Bubble and into the ground. Anon lay on the ground feeling defeated as Zavala stood over him. Zavala spoke, saying "You filthy Exos never learn do you? You can't beat actual living things. We're to str-". He was suddenly cut off as he fell backwards. Anon managed to get onto his knees and he saw a Throwing Knife lodged into Zavala's forehead. Anon turned around and saw Cayde limping towards Anon. "Nice throw." remarked Anon. Cayde simply waved him off and asked for Zavala's ghost to speak with him. Zavala's ghost emerged from the dead Commander's body and said [i]If we get him back to the tower I can attempt to bring him back to sanity.[/i] Cayde looked down regretfully and said "It's to dangerous. We don't know what could happen. I think it would be best if we let Death take him and that you find yourself a new guardian." The Ghost did his best to nod showing he understood. Even if he was a ghost hid sadness could be seen. Without trying to ruin the moment Anon asked Cayde "What now?" Cayde responded with, "Now we wait." ------------------------------------------------------ Dredgen Yor awoke to find himself orbiting Venus. He rubbed his eyes and set course for The Waking Ruins. "Time to find an old friend." he told himself. ------------------------------------------------------ Dredgen landed near the Vault of glass and entered a forest heading to a certain location. After walking for an hour or so through the Venusian jungles he found a clearing with a camp in the middle. A lone Titan sat in the middle of the camp cooking something over a fire. Dredgen walked over to him and sat down. He looked at the Titan and said "Hello old friend. Or can I call you by you name now." The Titan looked at him "My name has been disgraced." he said. Dredgen looked away and said "I wouldn't agree, Kabr." [b][i][u]FINALE OF GAZING INTO THE FUTURE [/u][/i][/b] ----------------------------------------------------- *exhales* whoo this chapter was a doozy. I tried following the Lore around the FWC machine a bit, hope that worked out well. And man oh man that fight scene took me a while. Oh well hope you enjoyed. I'm welcome to feedback, criticism and the like so yeah. See you starside guardians.

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