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8/14/2015 7:21:06 PM

I didn't receive a Blacksmith shader and I've been tricked 3 times

Ok, so I'm not a man to complain, I'm far from it, but lately I've decided to talk about this over on my Twitter which I will shamelessly plug here @TheRealDOLOCrew Let's spin the clock back to before Destiny launches, I'm a happy guy waiting patiently, knowing I pre-ordered that and Advanced Warfare, excited to see what was in the Vanguard Pack, but I was mainly excited to receive my Blacksmith shader code! Launch day rolls round and I wake up to my copy of the game coming through the mail, I open it up, I see there's no code, for the shader or the Vanguard pack, I shrug it off, thinking it maybe in game already, I excitedly download and install the game, then I start playing, I can't find where to access the Vanguard pack, so I do what any other confused gamer would, I ask YouTube, I realise I didn't receive it, despite myself pre ordering, then I see I have a notification at the special orders, so I hoped this was my Blacksmith Shader, I check, and it's my Beta emblems only, so I think "maybe I unlock it later" and shrug it off. Then I find out that I never received that either, I was saddened, but then I shrug it off and put it behind me. Then when Advanced Warfare was close to coming out I thought that maybe I would obtain a Blacksmith code in the box, and then I get the game and there's nothing in there for it, now I'm really bummed out and sad. Now let's fast forward to E3 2015, Blacksmith shader codes roll into the fray, I enter every giveaway on Twitter I can find, to claim what I should have been given September 2014, I don't receive any, obviously I'm happy for the people who got them, but I still am sad that I haven't received something I spent a total of £80 to get (Destiny + Advanced Warfare) but then I think "Well I'll probably never get it" and gave up But then Gamescom rolled round, and more Blacksmith shader codes fell into place, I do the same as I did last time when it was E3 and I enter the giveaways I can find, I even enter certain Twitch streams that said they were doing giveaways, somebody actually said I won a code, then I found out it was already redeemed, I didn't have any interaction with that person again (who's name will not be disclosed because I don't like calling these people out) then I win another on Twitter, from someone who deleted their account after I won a code, the code was completely fake, and by the time I found out and went to message them, their account was not there anymore. Then today, SmileB4DEATH was generous enough to do a giveaway, he posts the picture of the code on Twitter, and then I enter the code, and this is the part that really annoys me, I got the page saying to claim my reward, which was the Blacksmith shader, then it tells me that this code has already been redeemed and the reward had already been claimed, someone managed to steal the code off of me after I redeemed it This isn't me being annoying and ranting This is me asking if I can receive a code from Bungie, that I should have been given a year ago, Bungie if you see this please feel free to Direct Message me, I have the proof I did pre-order the games, and I will be happy to show you Thank you for your time to read this, I just really want a Blacksmith shader because I did the pre order deal

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