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Armament special weapon class and Exotic Idea: Soul Reaper and Fate's Strings

*The Armament weapon class is a new weapon class for the special weapon slot (i know theres a lot of those, but it didn't feel right in the other slots). *Their main focus is purely melee range combat, with higher mobility and very high aim assist. Instead of a Fire Rate, they have Weight, which will determine how fast you can swing it. An Armament with a 2/10 weight can swing 2.5 times per second, while an armament with 8/10 wight can swing 0.63 times. its 10 divided by weight number divided by 2. *They do have ammo that will run out after enough hits, requiring the green boxes that we all love. Each swing takes up 1 ammo. *Due to how dangerous close range combat is against bosses, they will have an extremely high damage modifier for PVE lovers. *Instead of Ballistics or Scopes, they have blade adjustments, which can affect how they perform. Impact in crucible is their impact x 17. For example, an Armament with 4/10 impact does 68 damage per hit in Crucible. *Also, for legendary Armaments and higher, landing multiple hits in a row can trigger a special move. *The range is extremely short for these weapons. The absolute lowest range is about the titan melees, while the longest is a bit more than a warlock melee. Even said, these weapons have a lunge if the weapons reticle turns red (similar to the energy sword in Halo). *Armaments have mobility instead of stability. The max mobility will give you 1.75 movement speed, while the minimum gives you .75 movement speed. Soul Reaper [i]Each soul like the very grain you sow, ready to be harvested[/i] Appearance: A pitch black scythe, with a very long blade. The blade is serrated, with a shroud of dark purple surrounding it. Enemies killed by this are disintegrated (hidden perk) and there is a white afterimage, representing a soul. Weight: 3/10 Impact: 4/10 Range: 5/10 Mobility: 6/10 Ammo: 27 Primary Slot: Void Damage Adjustments: Shorter Blade: Less weight and higher mobility, Significantly Less Range Longer Blade: More Weight and less mobility, Much More Range Serrated Edge: Increased Impact, less Mobility and Range 3rd Slot: Graverobber 4th Slot: Quickdraw Long handle (increased range) Lightweight Exotic Perk: Reaper: Each kill with this weapon instantly restores 50% of your health. Lowered weight for a short amount of time each kill (5 seconds). Special Move: after hitting 2 consecutive hits, the next consecutive strike you will make a circular arc around you, hitting anyone nearby. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Fate's Strings [i]Why use scissors, when you can chop it in half?[/i] Appearance: A very large one bladed battle axe. The handle is a mass of tangled strings and black matter, with a single red thread running down the blade. The blade is a metallic silver color. Weight: 8/10 Impact: 10/10 Range: 7/10 Mobility: 2/10 Ammo: 15 Primary Slot: Void Damage Adjustments: Bigger blade: Increased Impact, significant penalty mobility Shorter Blade: Increased Mobility and Decreased weight, significantly less range Backup Hammer: Special move changes to a short range AoE attack 3rd Slot: Cascade: A melee kill with this weapon decreases weight for a short amount of time 4th Slot: Single Point Sling Strength (decreased weight) Sturdy Design (increased ammo) Exotic Perk: Fate's String: Each hit has a 33% chance to do 1.5 damage (3 times in PVE). Has a 30 second cool down between procs. Special Move: After 2 swings, you'll swing in a large arc.

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