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Bearbeitet von JullzWOLF: 7/21/2015 3:43:04 PM

Update 2.0 nerfed my friend list

I'm an all time player since day 1. I roughly got bored of the repetitive activities cuz there was always a reward that I was seeking or having different players always changed the experience. I have all the exotics now. A large stack of extra etheric light (I even put an etheric light on all of my queen bounty gear that I got during the queen event). Full raid rewards. Even skolas rewards. Anyways... the activity of my many friends have decreased eversince this update. I don't mean to whine but the negative impact this update created really sux. I do like the game but I really see myself kicking rocks when I'm doing the activities. Today is the weekly reset and this is usually the prime time for most of my friends. I usually end up doing the nightfall above 20 times to help out my friends but dang! There is like 5 friends online, and most of them aren't even up for it or for anything but TBAG patrolling the tower or going afc. I am not against the update. I could agree with the balancing and I believe that it could bring out some new weaponry from within what we already have, but we can't deny that this update is like the stinky fart in the room that everyone smells, but avoids to confront. It haven't even took effect yet, but it really killed the mood. I am writing this post cuz I am bored and just chilling in the orbit in the most prime time of the destiny week (the weekly reset). Couldn't bungie do this one week before they wanted to implement it instead of 2 months? Lol Bungie... u unintentionally nerfed my friends! Please fix them lol.

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