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7/21/2015 1:52:43 AM

New to the game, weird set of questions.

I'm new to the game. I was recently patrolling on Venus and i passed by the Vault of Glass entrance (which i haven't done yet by the way) and i tried to see if i could glitch through the door using my sparrow like I've seen videos of on YouTube. So i tried and it worked. I couldn't help myself lol. There was nothing in there probably because i was in a patrol, but i was going to buy the DLCs this week and wanted to make sure first that this wasn't a bannable thing and i wasn't about to waste my money. I glitched into it, died falling twice trying to explore, then when back to orbit because i got stuck in a place i couldn't jump out of. I also tried 2 days ago to use a heavy pike to farm a sort of loot cave on a low level spawn room on Venus. I left the controller with the trigger pressed down for like half an hour to see what would happen. I got logged out due to inactivity... haha. I heard a lot about Destiny and it's Loot Caves before i started playing it. So for future reference, is farming loot caves considered wrong or bannable? What about me glitching through the door? I also assume that it's frowned upon to go beyond what's open to us and in the future i should resist the urge to explore? I know the Vault of Glass is open obviously but i still glitched through the door. Thanks a lot, and sorry for maybe a couple of strange questions!

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