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7/18/2015 7:04:41 PM

Make Blackhammer Exotic!

Blackhammer is easily the best Sniper Rifle in the game, for PVE, and competes with the Exotic rocket launcher, Gjallarhorn, and now we are looking forward to a nerf to this superb weapon coming with the Taken King(along with a possible lack of vault space, when you want us to specialize weapons... but I digress.). Gjallarhorn is stated in your Weapon Tuning 2.0 update as being the most restrictive weapon in PVE. You yourselves admit that the rocket launcher can see to people being outright denied participation in raids simply because of its power, but your solution is nerfs, not buffs. My solution comes in a simple truth for you, Bungie: [b]Make Blackhammer an exotic weapon.[/b] Do not destroy its White Nail perk, simply because we are picking off bosses too easily. I always see this weapon paired with Gjallarhorn, or with another exotic weapon. Making people choose between Blackhammer and another exotic slot would probably alleviate problems for your PVE, and force people to specialize and choose loadouts more carefully. You also desperately need an exotic sniper rifle that is more versatile. Icebreaker is only good for some situations, and Patience and Time is worthless in PVP, where it is supposed to shine with its camouflage and enhanced optics and low zoom. It's got to be the only sniper rifle in Destiny that produces Lens Flare when cloaked. Making Blackhammer an exotic will make it compete with Gjallarhorn, since they are both Solar Damage weapons. [b]Make your damn bosses hard to kill again as well![/b] You are nerfing the two best sniper rifles in the game, because people are sitting back and picking off your precious bosses from far away, and you are the ones to blame for this. If you want an example, then here: I can solo Cerberus Vae III with Icebreaker, because you lowered Valu'us' health. I've been soloing that strike as a nightfall when it pops up, because you made it possible to do it. Hell, I've been soloing more strikes, since you've been lowering the health of bosses, so I can afford to just snipe away. Stop punishing us for you making your bosses too easy to kill. If you say a weapon is as sought after as an exotic, then it should be an exotic. If we are picking your bosses off too easily, it's because you made it too easy. These problems are your fault, Bungie, so you need to fix them, and stop punishing the people who actually enjoy your game. I'm still not fully prepared to purchase TTK after the scandal with your Collector's Edition, and you're making me want to play less and less by removing any incentive to obtain prized weapons that are actually useful. To clarify, you are decreasing my playtime, Bungie, so I'm not looking at buying TTK

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