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Bearbeitet von AC2iizzcOO: 7/17/2015 6:40:15 AM

My Interpretations/Predictions/Reactions to what weapons will be like after 2.0

So, entirely based off of the information that was given in the latest update...: -This one's a given: Auto Rifles are gonna be good again. Sucks the drop-off is going to be kinda big, but that ain't a problem if you've got Up For Anything like me! -Suros might become a top contender again, though we'll have to see what the range nerf does to it. -Hard Light is [b]definitely[/b] going to become a top contender. I mean, it's getting its Stability buffed [b]a second time[/b] and it has no drop off. Shoot, say hello to the next kinda-high DPS long range machine. -Necrocasm is going to be at least okay now. If if only I could get a damn Husk of the Pit so I could get it already... -Only medium RoF Pulse Rifles are getting the damage nerf, so I'm pretty sure that means all the PRs with identical RoFs to Bad Juju and Payment VI, and it's still a 2 burst if they have low armor (which almost everyone has anyway) so the damage nerf is pretty minimal! -My belovedRed Death is still 2 burst all the time (yes)! And I doubt the Stability nerf will change much. -Any Scout Rifle like either VoC, MIDA, or Deadshot Luna's gonna kick ass now. -My favourite weapon class isn't as good at range now and hipfiring's going to be worse ;( Let's hope it isn't all that drastic. -So The Last Word is going to be affected by the hipfire nerf but it's also getting increased hipfire accuracy? And it's getting more hipfire precision damage? So I guess hipfire actually gets a bit of a buff for TLW, nice! It's pretty much made for hipfire anyway. The range nerf is eh (I don't use it at range anyway) and I'm curious to see how big the Stability nerf will be? Maybe Soft Ballistics will be the new best perk to use? -Glad to See Thorn's DoT reduced. Though allowing it to stack sounds interesting. It's damage is now about a third (so 2-3 I'm guessing) but if you get two headshots that 2-3 damage will stack. So what I'm wondering is: [i]Is only a 1-2 damage reduction in DoT enough to stop Thorn from being a 2-shot headshot?[/i] I wouldn't know, I've never really used Thorn in PvP (I swear on my life, it is true.). -I don't get the Hawkmoon nerf, I really don't. Bungie said it themselves that it's a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, so why change it? But I guess at least that means you'll now always have at least 2 chances for a 2-shot headshot instead of it all going into one bullet. -Also glad to see the shotgun change, only thing is I'm still scratching my head at the PvE damage nerf. Like, just, why? "Reintroducing risk"? Wut? -Lord of Wolves perk is getting even better, no complaints here! -Fusion Rifles didn't need to be touched, like, at all. When's the last time anyone was killed by FRs in the Crucible? In maybe 50 matches I've played in the last week, I got killed by one maybe 2 times in just one match. -Final Round, it does kinda suck for those that didn't abuse it, but better to see it nerfed than not IMO. Though I have to say, why couldn't the body shot bonus damage stay in PvE? That's the only thing I question about this. -No Land Beyond isn't going to be (that much of) a joke anymore! I may actually start upgrading it now. -This is without a doubt my biggest peeve with the update, [b]nerfing Ice Breaker and Black Hammer.[/b] I can't remember seeing a [b]single[/b] person ask for IB to regain ammo even slower, or for Black Hammer to be touched [b]at all.[/b] Seriously, most PvE bosses twitch like no tomorrow anyway, so landing precision hits rewarded you with nearly infinite ammo, now all you have is basically just an oversized magazine. -For Rocket Launchers, let's be honest: G&H was getting just a little bit too crazy. Having a bit more skill implemented into RLs isn't a bad thing at all IMO At least now if you get close, the increased blast radius will take care of things. -About the Gjallarhorn Wolfpack Rounds nerf, all I have to say Bungie [b]should not[/b] and I mean [b][i]should NOT[/i][/b] be balancing weapons around a minority of elitists and assholes in the community. Let's just hope the nerf is only like 10% or something. All in all, I think this update is pretty much just like Destiny itself: it does a lot of things right, it just does the same/equally amount of things wrong.

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