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A Few Ideas I Felt Like Sharing: Vault Of Glass Extreme Mode

An idea for the raids. Where we currently have the gem that is the Vault Of Glass and the vastly different and complete flipside (soloable) broken Crota's End which they need to fix. These two raids used to set a challenge, they used to be really difficult to do and wow was it rewarding seeing Atheon melt into dust, or Crota dissolve in thin air. It was very satisfying, not so much anymore. So here is what I propose, keep what they currently have, normal mode and hard mode. But introduce an extreme mode for each raid. For the Vault of Glass, enemies level is increased to 34 all the way through the raid (due to that being the current cap) at the start in the Waking Ruins the level of the enemies is also 34 (they need to find a way to seperate this from patrol) almost twice the level of Preatorians will spawn in. The Goblins will be split half and half between axis and normal, axis will have torch hammers, Hobgoblins are all standard as are harpies and Hydras. The spawns will be ongoing similar to a hoarde mode, we often get it currently where we are sitting waiting for them to spawn, no more, they will constantly spawn, there are now two new spawn locations at the top of the map for the central platform, so for the two on the left and right they are aimed at the left and right sync plates, the two at the top aimed at the middle, however every now and again a Preatorian will decide against its "preferred location" and take a different route. There will be hydra's that spawn in too (why there is only 3 arguably 4 hydra in the entire raid I don't know) This spire will also take a bit longer to form from its usual 2-3 minute mark, more so up to the 4-5 minute mark. Once complated heading down into the Vault, Trials Of Kabr will have nothing new, except maybe another chest Bungie? The Templar's Well as we all know is a huge part of the raid and one of the best rooms in the game, its well designed its fun to play around in, to explore and to fight. During the time spent in the Templar's well, the top area where you jump down from is off limits at all times during the Templar's Well, If one Guardian jumps down? It activates a turn back zone for that area, the only way to start the confluxes is by hitting the floor down below. Now this is where the raid gets seriously tough at the confluxes, all enemiess that spawn in have a 30% chance of being axis, Hobgoblins and Goblins if spawn with axis will hold a torch hammer. There are no longer 3 waves to defend against. There are 5 waves to defend against, thats a long time to stay alive, there are 5 waves of Legions, including 8 harpies spawning in instead of 4 at a time, the hidden room to the left is blocked off, there is no hiding there. The confluxes will start by have the left and right one up, second wave will be the right and middle, third wave will have all three, fourth wave will inclue left and middle, wave 5 will have the left and right one, however the middle one will appear half way through the wave so must be defended also. You are allowed 5 sacrifices per conflux. During this the Templar will NOT dissapear, it will always be there, even during its ritual of negation, it will still be there firing at you. The confluxes will also introduce harpies (not axis) to the confluxes, they cannot sacrifice, similar to legions, they are just there to annoy you. The oracles will have 5 waves instead of the usual 7, however the oracles will spawn in completeley random order and there will be 5 oracles for the starting wave, heading up to 10 appearing on the final wave, they will take 7 seconds to mark the team instead of the current 10 seconds. Hobgoblins on this stage are axis on the platforms, the Goblins and Hobgoblins that spawn in during the oracle stage have a 10% chance to spawn in with axis and a torch hammer. The Templar fight is now much much tougher, similar mechanics to the regular Vault, here are the changes, the Templar will now teleport even when it is not exposed (no shield) when its shield is removed it will automatically spawn 2 oracles, when it is shielded it will spawn in 3 oracles, all in random spots, all 7 of the locations to the oracles are capable of spawning in. The oracles will provide an immunity to the Templars shield so attempt to take down his shiled whilst there is an oracle up? It will not work. All oracles must be removed before you can hurt the Templar, however removing his shield the two it spawns do not have this affect on it, the Templar's health is still the same due to the difficulty in actually inflicting damage upon him. The enrage mode is the same with the addition of the Templar teleporting when it wants and the oracles spawning once its shield is removed. The path down to the Gorgon's Labyrinth and the Vault Of Glass jumping puzzle are all the same as the regular Vault, not much can be done here to make it tougher. The actual Vault room is where the finale takes place and where it gets harder still. In this room the Gatekeeper's used to give us a lot of trouble, no more? Well lets bring that back and make this portion of the raid a real challenge to complete. First off to activate the two sync plates on either side, all Precursors and Descendant Vex within the room must be destroyed before you can activate the sync plates whereas currently you only have to kill the gatekeepers and activating the sync plates will destroy all those enemies for you, no more. They must be destroyed before you can activate the sync plates. Regular Goblins and Hobgoblins will spawn up at the top and walk down to the centre and off the plates from the start of this room as will they spawn from the left and right spawn zones, they used to spawn after the sync plates were active, no longer, as soon as the Gatekeeper is shot it triggers the start of the room. Inside both portals are as they were with one adition, there is a regular axis hydra that is at the top of the stairs in both time zones. It does not have to be killed for the relic to spawn. The Preatorians will ONLY spawn once the sync plates are active however they will spawn much more consistent during this phase. Goblins and Hobgoblins have a 15% chance of spawning in as axis with torch hammers. Once the relics have been removed from the room, the conflux will automatically appear as soon as the first relic has exited the portal. Before we only had Precuror and Descendant Minotaur's attempting to get the conflux, not in this mode. All vex enemies are capable of spawning, including hydra's to the left and right of the conflux are new spawn zones, so that makes 5 altogether, Precursors will spawn the left side facing Atheon's spawn, Descendats will spawn on the right with a mix of both coming from the staircase at the top. All Goblins / Hobgoblins / Harpies / Minotaurs & Hydra's are axis. There are allowed to be 5 sacrifices to the conflux before a wipe. Atheon is a different matter, currently it will teleport 3 to a zone whilst 3 outside must open the portal and fend off endless waves of spulicants, the suplicants are now axis . Atheon will now teleport 4 people instead of 3, however he will teleport 2 to one time zone and another 2 to the other, both portals will need to be opened by only the two people outside, meaning 1 Guardian must fend off against 3 axis suplicants on each side. There will be two relics being used once coming out of the portal, the relics super will destoy axis suplicants in one shot. Time's Vengeance is now a buff of x10, there is no cooldown on any Guardians abilities during this stage, Time's Vengeance will last for only 20 seconds now. Atheon during this mode will enrage after 2 completed portals, regardless of the time. Enrage Mode will allow Atheon to slowly regenerate health only during Time's Vengeance. Axis Suplicants will now spawn from all spawn locations across the room, 3 at a time, meaning the room is going to be a mobile minefield. Modifiers: Yeah this is what is going to really set apart the extreme mode to the hard mode, the modifiers will be selected by Bungie each week, they will not be the same each week, each checkpoint will have different modifiers, they will not be the same throughout the whole raid, the confluxes may give us airborne whilst the gatekeepers may allow to use an arc burn? That is Bungie's decision. The rewards, we cannot forget these, most of us already have everything we can get from the Vault, all the guns/armour and all exotics. The Vault on extreme mode will have everything you can get from the normal and hard versions of the raid, however they will all be ascended automatically, no need for any etheric light to upgrade them, they come at 365 attack and light 42 as standard. However the rewards will just be them, if Bungie have it in them, make a season 2 set of Vault weapons and armour, all still automatically ascended. Armour can drop from anywhere, the Helmet will only drop from Atheon. The Boots/Arms/Chestplate will drop from any checkpoint excluding Atheon. The weapons can drop from set checkpoints, all primaries will drop from the Templar, the specials have a chance to drop at the confluxes, whilst all the special and primaries (excluding the hand cannon) guns will drop at the oracle completion. Gatekeepers will drop all the heavy guns and here is the prize for finishing Atheon, a chance at an exclusive new exotic weapon like the Mythoclast and more so a chance at an exclusive new armour piece, only available from the raid. What these drops are and what perks they have is down to Bungie. Any and all criticism, ideas, improvements, mistakes I have made are all taken as constuctive criticism and will be taken in for consideration and giving credit for by whomever posts.

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