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Bearbeitet von Lord Cholo: 7/6/2015 6:38:18 PM

No Taken King bundle for veteran players.

I've looked into buying the next/first DLC for Desiny, The Taken King. All the ways you can buy it seem unfair to veteran players. I want to get the the collectors edition bc I love destiny. But I don't want to buy the game and the first two Expansions over again. I just want the cool gear it comes with and the taken King. But that's not possible with the bundles. I think bungie should treat their loyal fans better. All tho it might be Activision doing. I still implore bungie to fight back for us veterans. A emblem and a shader ain't enough. PLEASE LISTEN BUNGIE (also I mean physical merchandise with the collectors edition, for example strange coin replica and Cayde-6 journals, maps, ect..) TTK FACTS: -it will take up around 50GB with the original destiny. -Collectors edition is a GameStop exclusive -40$ for just TTK, 60$ for TTK, original destiny and expansion 1 & 2. 80$ for everything I mentioned plus cool collectables and some in games bonuses. I myself have invested 1500+ hours in this game and have all 34's each class as well. Plus all exotics weapons and armor expect 1. I heavily invested my time in this game. And I think veterans should get a better deal, for staying loyal. EDIT: Thank you to everyone for sharing their opinion on the matter. Please check out all the comments if you're just now reading this. Chances are a opinion similar or opposite of yours is being shared.

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