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6/25/2015 2:28:42 PM

Weapon Burn Modifier

Maybe this has been brought up before, but the new set of modifiers (small arms and specialist specifically) got me thinking. I'm sure most of you, like myself, have your go to weapons for the weekly heroic and nightfall strike (PoE to some degree as well). So a lot of my exotics and legendary weapons are just collecting dust. Solution: AR burn, scout burn, HC burn, pulse burn, shotgun burn, fusion burn, etc. I hardly use auto rifles in pve, so if there were some incentive to use (arguably underpowered) auto rifles, I would definitely take my Monte, Suros, or Vanquisher (oh, that's right, I sharded that one) out of the vault to tear through the darkness. Hey, maybe that old Necrochasm will finally get some time to shine! Also, with fusion rifle or shotgun burn, you will need to play the strike a little differently. When's the last time you ran a shotty through an entire nightfall and it being beneficial at the same time? No more sniping from three miles away for you. Sure, it might be a little more challenging but it does get real boring playing strikes that way every. Single. Time. What say you, guardians?

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