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6/23/2015 2:42:14 PM

Destiny's The Taken King DLC

First off, Ican't wait to unleash utter mayhem with my solar hammer when The Taken King comes out (I love my Titan above all else). But i have some concerns with regards to the new DLC. It seems to me that it is rather unfair that those of us that have played more than 500 hundred hours (in my case it is around 1100 hours give or take) will be forced to purchase the $80 dollar version of Destiny's Taken King in order to acquire the exotic gear that gives increased XP gains. Furthermore i hope that the hawkmoon and fate of all fools will be able to drop sooner rather than later since I have been slowly withering away by watching the videos on youtube that talk about these weapons (i play on Xbox One). Just don't foget about us "Elder" players.

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