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New Guy

Hey fellow fathers, I am a New Yorker who is a proud father to three sons. Like many of you I enjoy playing this Destiny game here on my moving picture box. When I've got the time. 36 is the age and have enjoyed playing video games my whole life. Like most of you my time is little to none, unless its late night runs while the woman and children are to bed. I consider myself an average player who doesn't mind helping the next guy and I'm not afraid to learn something new. Deep thinker with an open mind but won't tolerate ignorance within my circle. So if your vernacular consists of racist remarks and constant put downs, don't bother adding this guy. Easy going players with a sense of humor are welcome to join or add me. Thanks to the founding fellas who brought this group together and allowing me to join up. Hunter: 33 Warlock:33 Titan:27 Raids,Crucible, PoE and Trials. Hope to see you gentlemen out there on the battlefield.

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