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Bearbeitet von Andy: 5/28/2015 12:54:20 AM

So is this Bungie's Plan for HOW??

Well i noticed that the first 2 pieces of armor that Variks sold were full strength. so im figuring that the next two (boots and helmet) will also be full strength. at first it may seem dumb since we don't need only strength but im thinking that bungie will rotate and for the 4 weeks after that the armor pieces will be full discipline and 4 weeks after that full intellect. i mean if you think about it being a 34 with all strength will really be no help to your team so you will basically keep playing 32 until you get a good set. or use etheric light (but not everyone is lucky enough to get it from NF or good enough to win in TOO) this will probably be their tactic to keep people playing. poe level 32. does that seem realistic?

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