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5/25/2015 7:58:10 PM

So what's next...

So expansion pack 2 has been released for Destiny, however now the question is what's coming next: Expansion pack 3 or proper keyboard/mouse support. This is what it comes down to: I have been requesting this support since the beta & from what I can see Bungie has not even acknowledged the question (it's not even a rejection of the feature if the request is completely ignored). At this point I've decided I'm not purchasing anything else for the game until that support is added & if the support is [i]never[/i] added, that's only going to lead to a boycott against Bungie. If I'm not willing to purchase the next expansion pack because the feature is still being ignored, then there's really no point in continuing to play the game since the expansion packs use a P2W mechanic where people who are not purchasing them get left in the dust statwise. I am already not purchasing from Bungie because I'm expecting a boycott once EP3 is released. TLDR/Want the short version? If proper keyboard/mouse support is not added to Destiny [u]before[/u] EP3 comes out, I'm done not only with this game, but also with purchasing from Bungie in the future.

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