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constant disconnection from the game

Dlink 868L router - Comcast ISP, I have followed the guides you have on the troubleshooting help thread, I even set up QoS which has worked wonders until today. I have forwarded my ports, and my adjusted my firewalls on both my router and modem allow destiny to run without any issue. Console: PS4 NAT type 2 ping test result: East coast to LA, Ca server - 0% packet loss, 94ms ping, 3ms jitter - distance 2500 miles. I have reset my modem and router, i am on a wired connection. I was playing fine this morning, its only been happening after 1pm EST. So far i have gotten the baboon error 2 times now, and the game world has tried to kick me multiple times before the error and after. Edit #1: It is now 2:11 pm est and i still haven't been able to finish an iron banner game without getting kicked, and i have been on a green bar every match Edit #2: Iron banner is now the only playlist that boots me I have reset my modem and router on full power cycles this time around, we will see what happens. During these "lag outs" my entire network seems to stall, but i have only had this instance happen while playing the iron banner in destiny, while my ps4 is turned on - not while playing any other game or doing anything else on the internet

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