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3/26/2015 2:29:30 PM

Unluckiest Loot Drops?

I believe I have the most unlucky loot drop... So I always run missions, nightfalls, and raids with my friend. We do VOG Hard, and the Nightfall, twice in four days. Within those four days, my friend got Hawkmoon from Atheon, Gjallarhorn from the Nightfall, and SUROS Regime from the second time we did the Nightfall. And what did I get from each, you ask? THE SAME EXACT WEAPON!!! Well except from Atheon, but still. I got the freaking Cure (the rocket launcher). And Im not making this up.... You can check my friend's account (vish255) and he will either have equipped, a non-upgraded Suros, or a barely upgraded Hawkmoon... Ughhh I hate my life.... So what's your unluckiest loot drop? Think you are more unlucky than me? Comment below!

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