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The truth about Spare Rations + Mindbenders (pvp)

First of all I do not know why people this this combo is overpowered or even something to complain about. Spare rations is just a normal hand cannon and mindbenders is just a normal shotgun... I’ll break it down further. Spare Rations Console - sure the hand cannon has a lot of aim assist but what doesn’t? To be more precise the spare rations has 92 aim assist vs not forgotten (a broken weapon in its time) has 80... that’s literally just 10 more aim assist lol a mod can shorten the gap easily. Going back to not forgotten this gun [b]was[/b] broken in the past and no one could argue. The gun had insane range, was a 180 so it broke the rules of ttk for that archetype, it had insane stability for what it was and could even 2 tap as a 180. NOW THATS A BROKEN GUN. The spare rations has none of that. It’s literally just a normal 150 hand cannon.. it has even succumb to the hand cannon range nerfs so it doesn’t even have good range. It’s recoil pattern is difficult to master and it just is a normal hand cannon. You can easily counter it with a pulse rifle or any gun archetype really it’s just a normal hand cannon. Spare Rations PC - again as I noted in my console rant the gun is just a normal hand cannon. It has no defining feature in pc since aim assist does not apply to mouse and keyboard. Sure it may have 13 bullets but it is a 150 after all. I feel it would be less of a problem if more 150 were there to compare it to or if the rose could roll with random perks. Overall this gun is easily countered it’s range is shit and can easily get gunned by pulses, autos and the last word. Especially the last word... Mindbenders Both - this is legit a normal 55 rpm shotgun. It is the same as any 55 rpm shotgun in the game. The only problem is it’s the only one with random rolls that exist in the second slot. That is all I have to say. If you wanna cry about shotguns because you can’t maintain a decent range then that’s on you. This gun is just a normal shotgun and I’ll say it over and over because that’s all it is. It just looks cool I guess. It’s definitely not a lord or wolves for my pc people or an Erentil with back up plan for my console people. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why those guns outshine every gun in their archetypes. Mindbenders doesn’t outshine any 55 rpm shotgun it’s all the same thing.. In conclusion there is nothing special or broken about these guns so stop complaining about getting killed by normal guns and practice [b]EDIT[/b] A lot of you are confused about range and quickdraw. I'll explain things to you guys here instead of individually Range matters to an extent. Bungie has a range cap for both hand cannons and shotguns. Meaning it doesn't matter how many range perks your gun has it will not shoot farther than its cap. For mindbenders it doesnt matter if you have a God roll with range master work rifled barrel and accurized rounds. It will shoot from the same range as a mindbenders with for example barrel shroud, accurised and a stability masterwork. Once you hit the range cap all that extra range is useless and an illusion. It only looks good on paper Same with spare rations it doesnt matter if all your perks are dedicated to range. There will be a point where some of those range perks will not be doing anything at all. Once you hit the range cap for 150 rpm archetypes you're done. There are YouTube videos available to prove this, as well as reddit post. Knock yourselfs out and dont delete a gun just cause you didn't get range master work. Chances are it's a wasted masterwork anyways. As for quickdraw. There is a bug currently (has been since the start of d2) that gives all your guns QD. It's fairly easy to do you just tap sprint before you switch guns and boom automatically all your guns have QD. Here is a link. So saying mindbenders is op cause you can roll quickdraw is irrelevant. You can have quickdraw on any and all guns.

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